60 Wall Street

60 Wall Street


60 Wall Street, NYC

Rethink, (re)IMAGINE 60 Wall’s current environs, with an eye towards a future ecosystem that will be exceptionally unique, passionate and motivational to attract the best tenancy craving for superlative downtown real estate.

60 Wall Street


  • Elevator lobbies and toilet upgrades.
  • Adapted to a multiplicity of users: office, hospitality/hotel, conference center, dining.
  • Explore the use of exterior terrace areas (existing and new).
    Explore upgrading facade area.


  • Energize the large, enclosed, street level space.
  • Create secure, highly visible connections to the main building lobbies.
  • Create the illusion of a naturally bright space and an oasis for everyone.
  • Revitalize and energize the subway entrance, escalator and stairway(s).
  • Expand the north and south street facades to gain area and street appeal.
  • A 3-story vertical indoor marketplace/food experience is the primary goal.
60 Wall Street
60 Wall Street


  • Opportunity for 3 different types of “Building Within a Building”:
    • 1st – 4th floors: shared work environments or single office tenant.
    • Large scale tenant – tower floors.
    • Opportunity for hospitality/hotel component for multiple floors.
  • Can be made secure from the rest of the building.
  • Office traditional | nontraditional or Hospitality traditional | nontraditional – all with access to the buildings amenities and sharing building services.
60 Wall Street
60 Wall Street
60 Wall Street
60 Wall Street