Designing a Healthy and Sustainable Workplace


This office features biophilia, calming colors, and repurposed furnishings.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how employees view the workplace. With many tasks capable of being completed at home, offices need to places to collaborate. In addition, the pandemic showed how infectious the workplace can be. In order to maintain productivity, these spaces need to place an emphasis on employee health.

This global investment firm has certainly experienced these shifting attitudes, while at the same time growing its business. To re-enliven their existing space and adapt to workplace changes with a focus on sustainability, additional conference rooms were added while some lounge spaces were scaled back to expand their work areas. The design incorporates biophilic elements to connect employees with nature and enhance indoor air quality. Healthy, eco-friendly materials have been used in the construction and furnishing of the space, reducing the carbon footprint of the project. This global investment firm places a strong emphasis on fostering the well-being of its employees.

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