How AI is being used to inform office design.


Scott Spector, Principal, sits down with WorkLife to discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence in the AEC industry.

“If we almost go too fast, our clients may not necessarily appreciate the finer pieces that go into the design of a given space,” said Spector. “If AI spits out 100 test fits for me, well what’s that worth? It’s not worth anything until there is thought behind it. You still want to be thoughtful about the design. You still have to go visit the site. We want to remain thoughtful so it’s not just a regurgitation of what’s coming out and what we’re seeing from others already.”

Designers also want to remain the experts. When you give a client a design that you created, it’s easy to answer questions about it. But when the computer does it, those answers don’t come as naturally. “We have to go backwards and prove it out after it’s been done,” said Spector. “We want to do our job and get it done the right way, versus the instantaneous way.”

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