NeoCon2019 X Spectorgroup: The future of workplace design.

June 2019

Explore with Spectorgroup the top trends in workplace design from NeoCon 2019.

Every year NeoCon hosts one of the largest and most anticipated events for the commercial design industry, featuring emerging talents and innovative products from leading companies. This year was no different, with The Mart in Chicago bursting with unique micro environments; each boasting a distinctive design with focus features such as neon lighting, greenery, bold patterns, and colossal foam-filled furniture. Members of the Spector Group design team attended NeoCon2019, and what a year to be there!  We decided to highlight some of the noticeable trends which filled the exhibition and are taking the commercial industry by storm.

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The living room effect.

This effect has been coined to describe the shift in modern commercial interior décor from traditionally styled workplace to a more residential look and feel. These stony commercial spaces of the past are swiftly changing, focusing more on a flexible well-connected workplace that is mindful of the individual and the time spent in these spaces. Mid-century modern style chairs, sofas, coffee tables, ottomans & plush pieces were the predominant trends being showcased in the many micro meeting and reception spaces, emphasizing the direction of creating a more comfortable and attractive workplace. Furthermore, NeoCon 2019 boasted a collection of the classic neutral palettes and bold prints intertwined with vibrant pops of color. The eclectic mix of materials and color palettes emphasized the “mix n match” trend you would typically find in one’s own home.

Soft round edge profiles.

Creating a comfortable and casual workplace was the underlying tone. The use of drapery around huddle spaces plus rounded lines of ancillary furniture and work stations mixed elements of the typical Scandinavian look, with a modern comfort feel.

Adjustable surfaces and mobile furniture.

Creating an ergonomic workplace that suits the individual is undoubtedly becoming more important in workplace design and planning. Creating a flexible and productive environment where you spend the majority of your time is key and facilitating this, is the option to adjust your work space to suit your current needs. Furniture on display could be moved and adjusted as needed amplifying the idea that furniture functionality could be adjusted for different work styles and maneuvered to any space in the workplace.

Sustainable designs.

In the present day, we have an increased responsibility to sustain our environment for future generations and this trend was seen in several of the exhibitions at NeoCon2019. Furniture and upholstery made from post-consumer plastic advanced the idea that sustainability will be tailored into our everyday material objects.

The emerging trends at NeoCon2019 are certainly exciting; opening up infinite opportunities in design. NeoCon2019 redefined the meaning of business casual by accentuating the growing residential trend in the present-day workplaces.

Another big take away was the cleverly placed Instagram “wow moments”, it allowed participants to fully engage in the micro environments displayed and further highlighted the idea that a modern office space is not only a place of business, but a strong branding tool for organizations.

NeoCon2019 was definitely one for the books!