Spectorgroup’s new office design showcases its culture and values.

October 2022

The Spectorgroup team is excited to share our new home at 200 Madison Avenue.

Designing our new NYC headquarters allowed our team to reflect on our legacy, focus on our people, and redefine how we work.

For over 55 years, Spectorgroup has embodied a true ‘Boutique at Heart’ spirit, striving to create authentic designs that drive our clients’ missions forward. The design realizes these values and our thinking during this transformative time for workplace design.

The result: a living studio that brings people into the core of who we are and our design process.

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Designing a purposeful workplace for everyone.

We collectively explored our ideal workplace through a series of surveys, workshops, and mapping exercises. This helped us better understand how our teams work now, how they will evolve in the future, and what behaviors need to be nurtured. Based on our findings, we created a destination within a new hybrid work model that supports wellness and encourages our team, clients, and visitors to come together and collaborate.

Large destination spaces anchor our plan and are complemented by workstations, collaboration zones, and small programmatic elements.  A playful rhythm of small and large spaces allows for a fluidity of working styles for design teams and office needs. This led us to the concept of composition—using architectural layers, colors, and textures to create dynamic spaces. Color is systematically introduced through warm woods, rich clays, and deep blues. All to create a space that feels intentional, comfortable, and creative.

Workplace Strategy

64% of our team wanted access to a variety of settings that supported different work modes but still have a dedicated seat.

1.  The Commons

Foregoing the formal barrier of a traditional reception, the design is centered around a large hospitality lounge. This energetic space is the starting point of each workday but is also a place for employees to eat, meet, and relax. Anchored by the large conference room, this zone is used for town halls, panel discussions and seminars, client meetings, parties, and any other type of gathering—however formal or informal–to invite, share and learn together.

2.  Material Lab

Anchored purposefully in a corner of our office with an abundance of daylight and views. We designed this space to foster inspiration and creativity. It is a place where our teams and clients can fully engage in the creative process of selecting materials and resources for a project.

3.  Mix Media Lab

A space for our design teams and clients to visualize, explore and interact in a variety of ways – the Mix Media Lab is a place for both analog and digital collaboration. Whether we are sketching alongside a client or creating a virtual tour, the space offers a fully immersive design experience. The design of the room showcases the intent by using a language that separates itself from the rest of the office.

4.  Showcase

Integrated along corridors and work areas are brand elements and showcase pieces displaying our finished work, as well as our process work and details to allow people to see the evolution of our designs from project conception to completion.

“The biggest takeaway from our workplace strategy was that collaboration and interaction remain at the heart of our practice.”

- Steven South, LEED AP, NCIDQ, IIDA, Fitwell Ambassador Design Director

A design that reflects our culture and values.

Our entire office will be agile yet still provide a sense of place for everyone. Gone is the hierarchy created by rows and rows of desks. Each architect, designer, and administrator will have dedicated workstations and laptops as well as access to a variety of areas around the office that support all types of working styles. All our workstations shift orientation throughout the office to create anchors for teaming or individual focus.

Altogether, our new office offers flexibility, choice, and a variety of settings and experiences for everyone to work the way they need based on the tasks they perform throughout the day. Ultimately, we knew we wanted the space to celebrate Spectorgroup’s history, our commitment to enhancing team members’ and clients’ quality of life, and the collaboration process by which we achieve our goals and visions.

We haven’t shared one of the most exciting aspects of our new office–our new space on the 19th floor enjoys 360-degree views of New York City. No matter where you look, the views will offer daily inspiration–whether it’s seeing some of the city’s most beloved architectural landmarks or the spaces we have designed and built throughout our 57-year history.

Our new home is an expression of how we think and the work we do, as well as the changes we’ve seen and anticipated in workplace design. Together, we look forward to continuing to contribute to Spectorgroup’s legacy with a renewed sense of process and purpose.