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April 2020

Amid the current crisis, many businesses have had to transition to remote work, whether they were prepared or not.

The world is experiencing a situation that we never have imagined facing. We are juggling the new normal of working from home and managing our private lives and in most cases, merging the two in a productive fashion. For many organization’s this challenging time has highlighted the need for a greater focus on communication, wellness and work-life balance and ultimately shaping the future of the workplace post Covid-19.

What can we do to stay happy, healthy and productive while working from home?


It is important to try and maintain a similar level of communication as we would in the office. Technology has allowed us access to instant communication and that is something that we can take advantage of. Cell phones, slack, video conferencing and other channels of communication allow us to share content and ideas instantly and visually. A lot of our day to day work requires visuals; make use of taking photos or video calls for a clear communication and understanding.

Create a Routine

Allow yourself to mentally and physically prepare for your day the same way you would if you were commuting to work. Less commuting means more time for morning routines. Wake up, get your dose of caffeine and most importantly change out of your pajamas.

Check In

Throughout the day, check-in with your co-workers and share your progress. Sharing work-in-progress with team members helps keep ideas from being pushed off and allows for full execution of work. Keeping everyone up to date and in the loop also shows full transparency.

Take Breaks

It is important to maintain focus during your workday and that might be difficult if you are glued to one area of your living space. Allow yourself to move around every few hours. Whether it is a walk to the kitchen or a walk outside, it is important to allow yourself to step away from what you are working on and recharge your mind.


With social contact with your co-workers being non-existent at this time, it is important to make time to catch up.  Organize a virtual coffee break, talk about future plans or even what you are having for lunch that day. Video chats are also a great way to connect with team members. Who said we can’t still have happy hours? Just make it virtual.

Get Fresh Air

Spending time outdoors has been proven to not only be beneficial for physical well-being, but it boosts mental well-being. Try to grab some fresh air as frequently as possible. Take a time out, go for a walk, a bike ride or even some outdoor yoga!

As we continue to do our part to flatten the curve, it is important to be open and flexible with ourselves, our co-workers, our employees and our families amidst this pandemic. These recommendations are not only going to help us through this current time, but shape our lives when we return to the workplace and our ‘new normal’

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