Centerview Partners

New York, NY

Increasing the company’s interconnectedness through a series of spaces to meet, eat, and learn.

The ambition for Centerview Partners’ revitalized New York City office is a design that emanates a welcoming, professional and collaborative atmosphere. The project includes the refresh of the existing 21st and 22nd floors and the new fit-out of the 23rd floor. We aimed to design a space that characterized the client’s polished brand while refreshing the overall space.

A welcoming vision.

Our design introduced centralized amenities to promote departmental connection and interaction while enhancing the welcoming vision of the space. At the head of the staircase is the localized espresso bar with high top seating, while the break-out lounge space along the windows provides additional informal meeting areas. Accent wall tiles and dark walnut elements make this simple amenity stand out.

A dynamic space to foster community.

Leading from the espresso bar is a modern centralized café fabricated with a custom contour, acoustic ceiling – improving the acoustical qualities of this large café space. A combination of café tables, lounge seating, communal tables & huddle booths fill the area, offering variety and catering to the individual needs of employees. A new interconnecting staircase joins the 23rd floor with the 22nd floor, mirroring the existing staircase on the lower floors. Complementing the marble staircase is a custom hand-blown glass pendant lighting feature that serves as a focal point in the space.