Community Preservation Corporation

New York, NY

A workplace that embodies the people and communities they serve through increased openness and a connected brand story.

After inheriting their former space that constrained their work styles and corporate identity, Community Preservation Corporation was eager to breathe new life into their new Midtown location. Armed with a wealth of data gathered through extensive workplace strategy sessions and integrated visioning workshops, our team embarked on a mission to craft a workspace that authentically reflects CPC's core values and vision. This innovative workplace now truly embodies the spirit of CPC, serving as a testament to their commitment to both people and the communities they serve.

Prioritizing an open layout.

Flexibility played a pivotal role for CPC, prompting the team to craft a more collaborative workspace that transitioned from 60% private office space to a 70% open floor plan. The design incorporated a variety of small breakout areas and conference rooms equipped with user-friendly plug & play technology, encouraging mobility and collaboration, while other areas offered individuals an opportunity for focused work.

A centralized café connects each side of the workplace, providing a space for teams to gather. Settled within the cafe is the main boardroom, which is designed to cater to multi-functional activities. With the capacity to fully open to create one large collaborative space, the main boardroom supports flexibility.

A community-centric design.

Traveling from the heart of the space, industrial design elements draw inspiration from the materials commonly encountered during the revitalization of local communities, serving as a tribute to the areas touched by CPC. Each conference room was given a name representing a neighborhood or town that CPC has supported throughout its history, embodying the deeply-rooted culture that drives the organization's values and mission.