Eastdil Secured

New York, NY

An elegant, minimalist design approach to inspire trust, transparency and collaboration.

Superior client-servicing, trust and connectivity inspired our design for Eastdil Secured, a global real estate investment bank.

Materiality distinguishes collaboration zones.

An open concept plan combines an elegant, minimalist design approach to promote transparency and collaboration. Glass office fronts provide clear site lines across the workplace and enhance connectivity and access to daylight. Slatted wood ceiling features, textured wall coverings and pendant lighting highlight key collaboration zones while providing accents of warmth throughout the spaces.

Dynamic spaces for diverse work styles.

A visitor lounge, just off the reception area, frames the view into the main boardroom and outward to spectacular views overlooking Central Park. A variety of open collaboration spaces– huddle rooms, mediascapes, touchdown areas– divide diverse work areas to create dynamic spaces that promote mobility, productivity and encourage teamwork. A few select offices and conversation rooms are designated for privacy. A large pantry serves as a central gathering place to foster the company’s culture and create experiences between the staff.