Echo Street Capital

New York, NY

A modern workplace that places hospitality at the core of its user experience.

A relaxed, modern aesthetic prioritizes space over density for this Echo Street Capital’s new headquarters. Hospitality is embedded within all design and programming features to maximize employee and visitor experience.

Design details to guide the user.

A herringbone wood ceiling visually connects and leads the user through the reception area to an adjacent boardroom and client lounge. Inlaid carpet details add layers of texture and richness throughout the office.

The design accentuates an overall openness in the office by maximizing the abundance of perimeter glass. This allows for natural light to penetrate all of the workspaces and to illuminate architectural details and selected color palettes. The combination of wood, tile, and carpet blends textures and warmth to create a comfortable environment throughout.

A welcoming destination for employees.

A variety of spaces are thoughtfully integrated into specific locations around the office to encourage collaboration, innovation, and wellness. Main corners are carved out for lounges that support informal meetings or an area of retreat. The overall design captures the company’s vision to create a welcoming destination for its employees.