Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

New York, NY

A New York City bank leaves a lasting impression by shifting energy to the front-of-house.

The new headquarters for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York is based on the idea of an axis, strategically positioning the trading area at the forefront of the building to make a powerful statement upon arrival. A spacious circular ceiling integrates cutting-edge technology, evoking a sense of energy and activity.

An elevated aesthetic.

A paneled walnut ceiling serves as a prominent feature, guiding individuals through the space and directing their focus toward specific areas and important vistas. These areas include communal meeting spaces, the central trading zone, and the primary pantry/cafe. Connecting the two levels is a newly designed honed granite and bronze staircase featuring a versatile seated platform at its base. This central element emphasizes the core axis of the space and encourages interaction among employees.

Designed for longevity.

Considerable effort was dedicated to enhancing the bank's overall visual appeal and material selection. Carefully curated lighting fixtures and refined finishes, such as marble flooring, bronze accents on the glass office partitions, and inviting walnut embellishments, project a sense of strength and timelessness. Custom graphics and installations celebrate the bank's rich history and its path toward a progressive future.