Financial Consultant Firm Headquarters

New York, NY

Company growth sparks the need for expansion to a full floor, weaving the old with the new to showcase the evolution of the firm.

With an ideal location and a deeply rooted ethos, along with a strong company culture, this private investment firm looked to the design team to elevate and expand its vision from a partial to a full floor in the same building. With a defined framework in mind, their objective was to seamlessly weave the old and the new, showcasing the evolution of the company and designing a workplace that will support their evolving needs for years to come.

A space for all users, balancing productivity and wellness.

The journey throughout the space was curated to meet the desired adjacencies, view lines, and functionality outlined by the client. All parameters fit together like a puzzle to create a perfect flow for the various users. The design concept focused on the overlapping of planes to create opportunities for materiality and transparency, directing your eye and guiding you through the plan. The balance between tranquility and productivity was key, so the team intertwined wellness and work zones throughout the entire floor.

A private artwork collection that reinforces the firm's brand identity.

The office exudes a gallery-esque vibe, layered with art from a private collection as well as subtle accents of the client’s signature blue color, providing vibrancy and reinforcing the brand. Cove lighting casts a soft glow along the architectural volumes in the reception area, highlighting the various materials and pieces of art.

Transparency through curated boundaries.

Located behind the reception and between the client-facing and employee work zones, the pantry is the heart of the space. Slatted wood panels are used to create a visual screen and blur the boundaries between the spaces, fostering camaraderie. Perimeter offices face inward toward the trading floor, emphasizing transparency, mentorship, and access. These offices provide privacy while remaining connected to the energy of the space.