Financial Services Firm

New York, NY

Designing a modern financial hub amidst Bowery's edgy charm.

Breaking away from the usual corporate confines of the Financial District and Midtown Manhattan, a prominent Financial Services Firm has opted for a fresh location at Astor Place. Their aspiration? To craft an environment that resonates with the vibrant energy of the Bowery Neighborhood, attracting and retaining young talent through fresh and modern design with an array of amenties.

Elegance in contrast.

From the reception area to the trading floor, wood elements and dark finishes enhance the warmth of the space as brightly colored artwork adds contrast to the deeper hues. Black oxidized metal incorporated throughout offers a sleek yet edgy vibe while exposed ductwork and precise ceiling details further distinguish this firm from the typical designs commonly seen in other Financial Services offices.

A dynamic workspace.

In the trading area, innovation and well-being collide with sit/stand desks, fostering a dynamic and health-conscious workspace. A large digital screen creates a focal point, serving as both an informational hub and a creative canvas, infusing the environment with a technological edge.