Global Investment Management Firm

New York, NY

A workplace environment that prioritizes employee well-being through a hospitality lens.

With offices located in Europe, China, and the United States, this global investment firm prides itself on prioritizing its employee’s well-being. Blending their hospitality ethos with the identity of their London Headquarters, our team created a home away from home within their new office, supporting the employee experience through an effective work environment by focusing on wellness, staff engagement, and business development. 

A modern twist on old-world charm.

The overall aesthetic is modern and sophisticated, with old-world charm. As employees and visitors walk through the space, they are immediately greeted with a sense of history from the antique and vintage lighting, repurposed furniture pieces, and artwork and accessories scattered throughout the office. These details were important to the firm as they represent their history and the design aesthetic within its London headquarters.

Purposely repurposing.

Over the years, the global investment firm has grown and evolved and is now experiencing a shift in the way their team works. To re-enliven their existing space and adapt to these changes, additional conference rooms were added while some lounge spaces were scaled back to expand their work areas. The space originally exhibited a mix of collaboration and dedicated seating, so the existing lounges were rethought to encourage use in a variety of ways. Areas were layered within the space, showcasing a mix of materials, textures, and greenery, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.