Honeycomb Asset Management

New York, NY

A space to cater to growth while adding the resources needed to achieve a common purpose.

For Honeycomb Asset Management, rooted in their name and cultural identity is the idea that the ‘honeycomb’ is nature’s best example of a scalable, repeatable investment driven by a common goal, and they wanted this idea to resonate throughout their new workspace.

A shift in perspective.

Shifting the layout of the workstations from clusters to a 160-degree configuration expanded the perception of openness and connectivity, improving the flow of movement between the open work areas, collaborative spaces, and the pantry. 

On arrival, you are met with a welcoming reception and pantry. Not wanting a typical pantry, we created a design that fully integrated into the space, creating an open atmosphere for visitors and employees. The palette spoke to the origins of the brand and the natural elements of the literal honeycomb. A combination of honey yellow and neutral grey hues, as well as pops of texture, were used to create contrast within the space.

Investing in the future.

Anticipating growth and building the organization with a shared purpose formed the foundation of their unique brand. The corporate[\-branded graphics, honeycomb-fashioned pendant lights, and the hexagon-shaped acoustic ceiling panels represent the visual shape of a natural honeycomb – portraying the story of Honeycomb Asset Management and shaping the experience within the space.