Insider Inc. Headquarters

New York, NY

A forward-thinking, energy-infused environment designed to evolve alongside the media pioneer.

Having outgrown their previous office, Insider Inc. turned to us to design a new space that would serve as a testament to their successful past, and also the company’s future.

A collection of spaces for evolving needs.

The innovative design seamlessly blends technology and aesthetics to create a cutting-edge workspace for evolving needs of Insider Inc. The design showcases a balance of open and private meeting areas, catering to various collaboration needs. It includes intimate huddle booths for on-the-fly discussions, adaptable breakout spaces for small team gatherings, a spacious lounge area perfect for engaging presentations, and a tranquil library retreat.

A place for creative innovation.

Furthermore, our design centers around a state-of-the-art, in-house production facilities tailored to meet the digital media demands of Insider Inc. These facilities encompass a sophisticated audio recording studio tailored for podcast creation, a professional-grade video studio equipped for high-quality content production, and a strategically positioned news desk at the heart of the office, fostering seamless communication and content creation. This comprehensive approach to design not only enhances functionality but also reinforces the company's commitment to technological excellence and creative innovation.