Inwood Academy

New York, NY

Revitalizing space to empower minds through the transformation of a 2-story parking garage into a thriving Charter School.

Looking to break through the equity challenges seen throughout the educational landscape of Manhattan, Inwood Academy was looking to provide the kids in their community with a new high school experience they would all be proud of. With space and budget constraints, they chose to revitalize a two-story parking garage into a thriving charter school accommodating 500 students. What was once a grey parking lot is now a dynamic and multipurpose learning environment that empowers students to thrive and excel.

Versatility in design.

This project encompassed a comprehensive transformation of a parking garage, reimagining it as a hub of educational innovation. The school features adaptable spaces, including classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices, and communal areas, all designed to optimize the space available. Creative planning strategies allowed us to design a cafeteria space that cleverly doubles as a gym for physical education classes, and transform nooks along the core into stadium seating for music classes. All provide a versatile environment for students to nourish both body and mind.

Purpose-driven environments to evoke a sense of pride.

Our commitment to a vibrant brand experience is unwavering, with the school's design reflecting our passion for education. Every corner will be thoughtfully designed to instill a sense of pride and excitement in our students, making them proud to call this unique and dynamic space their school.