Pernod Ricard

New York, NY

A new workplace design that drives firm efficiency while accommodating different work styles.

Having designed Pernod Ricard’s original office space in 2013, we reunited with the company to rethink how the firm functions and create a new design that would help drive efficiency amongst employees. Through reevaluating the existing spaces, the companies found that less than 45% percent of the available seating was being utilized at any given time. As a result, we recommended a free address structure to better utilize the existing space and drive firm efficiency while still accommodating different work styles.

Defining work and social zones.

The new design refreshes the current distillery-inspired aesthetic, creating a modern eclectic lounge environment. Throughout the space, curated furniture allows for flexibility in function, enabling employees to choose when, where, and how they work. The various work zones are defined by different furniture, lighting and finishes, all of which were designed with a different Pernod brand in mind.

Reallocating space for higher utilization.

In order to create a flexible and open space, the existing conference rooms on the main floor were removed, which in turn opened up the full bar and lounge area. A barista bar was also added to draw people to the main social lounge zone. Phone booths provide additional quiet space.