Rauxa Flagship Office

New York, NY

A high-energy workplace that mirrors the agency’s lively company culture.

The design of Rauxa's Flagship office in New York was built upon the idea of cultivating a dynamic and productive work environment. Situated on the 43rd and 44th floors, this expansive 50,000 RSF area serves as the headquarters for the largest woman-owned marketing agency. Our mission was to create a workspace that promotes teamwork and embraces a vibrant, energetic atmosphere centered on the company's distinct culture.

Head, Heart, Hustle.

The design is inspired by Rauxa’s mantra “Head, Heart, Hustle.” The collaborative “head” spaces were designed to maximize collaboration in a choice of setting. The café/town hall is the “heart” of the space, bringing people together for client meetings, training, talks, events, and celebrations.The “hustle” features open studio workspaces – an energetic and lively setting where the magic happens. Interpreted through a language of architectural and interior components, the energy of “head, heart, hustle” can be seen throughout the contrast, focal points and rhythm of the dynamic workplace design.

A monochromatic palette.

The open layout seamlessly blends together a variety of breakout spaces and team rooms. Each meeting area is thoughtfully equipped with whiteboards, pin-up spaces, and cutting-edge technology, promoting a culture of collaboration within the agency. Neon quotes and original artwork showcasing Rauxa’s brand are displayed throughout the main social zones and open studios.The design incorporates a monochromatic color scheme that blends concrete, wood, metal, glass, and touches of greenery seamlessly. Additionally, the space offers 360 degree views of New York City, which further cultivated the idea of openness and a work space without boundaries and limitations.