Resideo Headquarters

Austin, TX

A state-of-the-art workplace inspired by the local context, energy and culture.

As a new company born out of Honeywell’s homes and ADI Global Distribution businesses, Resideo needed a place to show how it is transforming consumer technology for the smart, connected home. At 901 East Sixth Street in Austin, Texas, Resideo found a location for its first corporate headquarters and a state-of-the-art experience center that matched its ambition – a growing city full of culture and talent.

Showcasing the local context through materiality.

Spanning the entire fourth floor with an expansion suite on the first floor, the office design captures the attention of visitors and comforts employees with its resimercial atmosphere. By using existing industrial elements including exposed wood ceilings and steel beams combined with newly installed soft corners, dark finishes and bronzed textures, Spectorgroup pulled in the best features of Austin to make Resideo’s home feel woven into the city’s fabric.

A circuit of innovation.

Visitors and employees are led through the office via interconnecting loops guided above by a circuit of continuous linear lights. The east-west outer loops feature quiet, standalone offices and workstations that shift to meeting areas and collaborative zones as the paths converge in the middle. The center of the office takes advantage of north-south floor-to-ceiling glass windows to provide outward views.

Shifts in color.

From the outer circles inward, color palettes shift from cool, neutral tones and furniture to a more rich and textural design highlighted with warm pendant lights to create a contrast in atmospheres. The center space evokes relaxation and collaboration while the workstations’ simple, plain, and neutral accents enable focus and concentration.