Sard Verbinnen & Co (SVC)

New York, NY

A workplace environment comprised of neighborhoods that prioritize privacy while supporting connection.

Sard Verbinnen & Co (SVC) sought a modern and sophisticated work environment, prioritizing room for continued growth, collaboration and a central focus on client-servicing while maintaining the need for privacy. The design strategy combined interactive vision sessions and team interviews with a holistic understanding of SVC’s culture and goals.

A space for media connectivity.

The design upon entering the office highlights SVC’s commitment to superior client-servicing and media connectivity. As you enter the reception area, off the main employee floor, there is a client suite and conferencing center. Next to this, a media room is housed in a floating glass box with a contrasting black gradient film. This room serves as a video studio and hub for a constant flow of digital media.

A centralized core.

With the goal of creating a centralized core of amenities, an interconnecting stair adjacent to reception leads to the common café and onsite training room. Separated by a soundproof operable partition, the training room opens to the café providing a fully functional space adaptive to various uses. This flexibility allows employees to break for lunch, have casual all-hands meetings, or adapt the space to a formal training room when needed.

Neighborhoods of space.

The layout features neighborhoods of multiple functional and organized workspaces. These open workspaces are organized in a modular grid enhancing flexibility, productivity and encouraging teamwork through huddle spaces. Privacy was maintained while also allowing transparency by incorporating glass-front offices, enhancing the line of sight and allowing for increased flow of natural light.