Sisense NYC Headquarters

New York, NY

Championing a “work hard, play hard” mindset that channels the energy from New York to Tel Aviv.

We collaborated with Sisense to identify and emphasize the common design elements shared by its Manhattan and Tel Aviv offices. This collaboration resulted in the development of a unique brand aesthetic, inspired by the parks and markets found in both cities, including iconic locations such as Central Park, the High Line, and the historic Jaffa market.

Inspiring togetherness.

Sisense’s innovative brand and their “work hard, play hard” mindset is showcased from the onset with a life-size, “Instagram-worthy” functioning pin wall in the reception area. The space then opens onto the central café and bar zone, reiterating the importance of togetherness and interaction to the Sisense community.

A classic black and white color scheme is used throughout the work areas, accented by exposed metal, raw materials and pops of Sisense’s signature brand colors. Custom graffiti murals and installations continue the energy throughout the space. The open plan is broken up by a variety of meeting spaces, each custom curated to a specific theme that reflects Sisense’s fun personality.