Surdna Foundation Headquarters

New York, NY

Empowering purposeful collaboration through thoughtful planning and an inclusive design.

Seeking a workplace experience that enhances the alignment between individuals and their purpose, the Surdna Foundation, a nonprofit committed to nurturing sustainable communities across the United States, aimed to establish a more inclusive and collaborative environment.

A vision of collaboration and transparency.

Surdna Foundation’s employees participated in a customized Workplace Strategy process, which included a series of interviews and workshops providing insight into the organization’s core values, workstyles and future goals. The design for their new headquarters focused on creating a more open and transparent atmosphere with a balance of focus and communal areas to encourage a sense of community.

A showcase of history.

The design concept was based on a series of framing elements highlighting the Foundation’s story as you travel throughout the space. The elements span from literal to abstract; framing key areas, artifacts and historical photos to unique graphic patterns mapping the impact of projects funded by the Foundation. The layering of finishes, graphics and branding provides wayfinding while expressing the rich history and integrity of the organization.