Uber Partner Support Center - Falchi Building

Long Island City, NY

A welcoming and interactive partner support center that focuses on learning, communication and connection.

When designing Uber's Partner Support Center, situated within the iconic Falchi Building in Long Island City, our primary focus was on delivering exceptional service. The arrangement has been carefully crafted to offer a hospitable and engaging concierge experience to drivers, catering to their daily requirements such as orientation sessions, app tutorials, mobile device assistance, and an extensive array of supplementary resources essential for aspiring Uber drivers to kickstart their journey.

Supporting drivers through thoughtful design.

Upon arrival, drivers are greeted by a generous café space, offering them the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and unwind while they wait in one of the multiple lounge and break-out areas available. A prominent design feature of the space is an interconnected staircase made from reclaimed wood and metal, serving as a captivating link between the expansive training area and the employee zone situated above. The design consistently embodies Uber's brand identity, incorporating an industrial color scheme and striking geometric graphics that pay homage to iconic landmarks of New York City.