Varagon Capital Partners Headquarters

New York, NY

A workplace designed with purpose to celebrate Varagon's core values.

After years of leasing space throughout New York City, asset management firm Varagon Capital Partners decided it was time to create a headquarters that truly aligned with its values. Seeking a partner to champion its vision, the firm immediately connected with Spectorgroup’s ethos and strategy on how to build a space that would evolve with the company over time. Located in 4 Times Square, formerly the Conde Nast Tower, the building offers sweeping views of New York City and the surrounding sites of Times Square.

A promenade designed for hospitality.

Varagon’s mission centers around client servicing and building deep lasting relationships. Through interactive workshops and employee surveys, brand values were identified and incorporated into the workplace design. This led to a hospitality-focused concept, which includes a a promenade that encircles a pavilion of key programmatic spaces and guides visitors to the heart of the space – the main café, lounge and private dining room.

From concept to calm.

The sense of wellness and tranquility as you journey through the space is a result of careful planning and design. The concept is inspired by an atoll, wherein the core of the space forms a central void, while the overall program reaches out towards the expansive views. Light colors and subtle textures add to the calmness.

Balancing transparency.

Fashioned to exhibit the company’s values, the glassed private dining with open work areas encompasses Varagon’s transparency and commitment to client service. Broken up on both sides of the floor plan are the executive hubs and the CEO suite is situated in a corner of the building with a boardroom and executive lounge to entertain clients.