A multidisciplinary approach that makes a positive impact on people and the planet.

We know that what we do today has an impact on tomorrow. Together with our clients, we act as environmental stewards to create spaces that are thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind.
Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
New construction is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint. We look at different ways to reduce this while remaining aesthetically pleasing and high performing in support of a healthy planet.
Prioritizing Recycling and Reuse
We help clients prioritize recycling and reuse to make their offices more green. We use materials that are made of high-recycled content and can be recycled at the end of use, select furnishings that can be reused, ideate ways to breathe new life into existing offerings, and implement centralized waste management programs to reduce waste production.
Embracing Healthy Materials
We are meticulous in our material selection, as we know it has a direct impact on our health. We ensure those extracting, making and installing these materials are not exposed to any known carcinogens and other negative health indicators.
Optimizing Wellness
We use active design principles to create spaces that support both physical and mental health. This includes offering places for both respite and socialization, providing access to daylight and views, and listening to what employees need to thrive in the workplace.
Designing for Resilience
Change is inevitable, which is why ‘resiliency planning’ is critical. We build a road map that allows tenants and building owners to quickly recover by developing short- and long-term solutions catered to each organization's specific challenges and culture.