Chase’s New Flagship Retail Experience

An Insight by Charlie Spector

“This format is meant to be a flagship branch and a community center,” said JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon. “We’re thrilled to be on the expansion trail again.”

So began Dimon’s remarks at the opening ceremonies of Chase’s brand new flagship retail store at the center of its Chase Campus at 390 Madison Avenue.

The result is a bold, dynamic new space by Spector Group that blends the latest in modern technological features with a public lounge area and wide open spaces, all alongside a fully functional and operational chase bank.

Walking into the space, one is immediately struck by the large, 360-degree LED board with millions of pixels. The display alternates between one seamless logo animation as well as a split screen with details ranging from the weather, train schedules, traffic, the day’s news, and everything else in between.

Immediately surrounding the screen is the lounge area, open and accessible to the public. People who come in can sit and take the time to explore, something that most banks generally do not offer.

While there are indeed private offices, they are balanced out with public conference rooms in the rear of the first floor of the space.

Immediately to the left of several kiosks adjacent to the massive display is a grand staircase, which takes you up to another lounge area that gives you a full view of the experience.

“Our flagship branches are meant to be experiential locations where the brand truly comes to life for our customers,” said Chase Consumer Banking Head of Real Estate John McGinley. “That can be through community events and conversations on financial health, or a place where we’ll show the latest technology, innovation and experiences before they’re introduced to the market.”

Working alongside and in close partnership with the JPMorgan Chase team, UK-based experience strategist Allen International, Spector Group created a differentiated design that delivers a unique experience and environment that is digital at its core. This enables customers to interact seamlessly with the bank through a combination of digital and physical channels according to whatever preference they so choose.

All of this is ensconced in a dynamic, open-glass space with crystal-clear views out to Madison Avenue, a perfect conduit for natural light. Spector Group’s dynamic partnership with JPMorgan Chase continues its longstanding tradition of collaboration of dynamic spaces for an equally dynamic banking firm.